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My name is Emma Wanjiku, a digital marketer and SEO content creator. One of my favorite things to do is shop online, (or window shop online). If you are like me, I love digging through galleries of products in a bid to uncover the best product to buy. Many times, you are not sure about the quality, fit or even the price justification. To this end, my blog is a compilation of great guides for online shopping in Kenya and beyond to help you navigate common pitfalls.

When was the first time you shopped online in Kenya? Where did you shop? My first time to make a serious order must have been in 2015 on Jumia. I purchased some clothes (long story). Here, I share experiences and research information on the online shopping category in a bid to help you get the best deal and service. Many literally spend hours just looking for an ideal product and if you do not have that time, guides and tips on products will help you shorten your search. Feel free to connect with me.

Have a great day

My Digital Chaperone: An Online Shopping Resource My Digital Chaperone: An Online Shopping Resource Reviewed by Emma Wanjiku on January 18, 2018 Rating: 5

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